The International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI) is the association of national patient organisations dedicated to improving awareness, access to early diagnosis and optimal treatments for primary immunodeficiency (PID) patients worldwide.

​Established in 1992, IPOPI works as the global advocate for the PID patient community in cooperation with its National Member Organisations (NMOs) and key PID stakeholders.

IPOPI meets every two years in partnership with the European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID), and the International Nurses Group for Immunodeficiencies (INGID).

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Dear Friends and Colleagues, Dear IPOPI family,

Our next Global Patients meeting will take place in Birmingham on 14-17 October 2020, back to back to ESID and INGID biennial meetings: this will be IPOPI’s XVIth meeting.

Since we met in Lisbon in 2018, IPOPI has been working very hard and we are delighted to tell you that we now have 68 National Member Organisations from across the world. Therefore, we are really looking forward to welcoming many delegates from those countries, as well as new countries where IPOPI is planning to launch NMOs. Global Patients meetings offer a unique experience for IPOPI’s national patient advocates to get together, interact, support each other and of course learn a lot from each other. Always keeping in mind that regardless of where you live in the world, many of the problems you are confronted to are the same: lack of diagnosis, lack of disease awareness, difficulties in securing safe and affordable treatments, among many other issues. The meeting offers a truly unique opportunity to share your experiences with other people involved in the worldwide PID community and it only takes place every two years!

The programme has been designed so that there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn and get involved including lectures, testimonies as well as workshops to assist you in working with and strengthening your own national patient organisation. In addition to this, each national member organisation of IPOPI will have its voice in the election of new board members.

As always all PID stakeholders, doctors, nurses, regulators, industry and those who are interested in PID, are very welcome to attend our sessions except for the few which are closed and strictly for our members only.

Finally, the Board of Directors and staff of IPOPI are looking forward to welcoming all of you to this unique and exciting meeting, so make sure you arrange your travel and accommodation as soon as possible. See you in soon in Birmingham!

Kind regards

Martine Pergent

President, IPOPI Board of Directors