Junior Members Networking Events

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  • Looking for opportunities to meet other ESID Junior members at ESID 2020?
  • Build your network for collaboration, discussion and friendship!
  • Whilst we cant all meet in person this year, we invite you to attend the online ESID Juniors Networking Events. Each session will bring together ESID Junior Members around a theme – anyone interested in the topic can join!

Wednesday 14th October

20:00-21:00 CEST

  • Room 1: Laboratory tools for diagnosing PID
  • Room 2: Crossing boarders – promoting collaboration across specialities and countries!

Friday 16th October

18:30-19:30 CEST

  • Room 1: Using genetics in clinical practise
  • Room 2: New discoveries in immunology
  • You will have the opportunity to share a 3 minute ‘elevator pitch’ – The time is yours to bring your own style! You can share who you are, your interest in the theme and how others may be able to help take your ideas forward. You interest may come from your own research, or just a general interest in the topic – maybe a challenging case you were involved with or an interesting article you have read?!
  • We will also have lots of time to chat, share ideas and exchange contact details with new colleagues (if you wish)!


All ESID Junior Members attending ESID2020 will receive an email with joining instructions for each zoom meeting room.

Just click the link when the meeting is due to start!

Making an ‘Elevator Pitch’

You have 3 minutes and just your voice! The time is yours to bring your own style!

The group atmosphere will be relaxed and social with other like-minded ESID Junior Members. It’s your opportunity to tell the group who you are and why you are interested in the topic. You can also highlight how others might be able to help you – new collaborations could be born!

Once everyone has had their turn, the meeting will be open for general discussion. You may also choose to share your contact details with the other attendees vis the Zoom chat box.