How to Use the Platform

How to Use the Platform

An Online Meeting is new to most of us, so we’re here to guide you through this new and exciting experience!

Find the below steps, tips and guidelines to find your way around.

Enter the Online Meeting platform

  • Go to the Online Meeting login page
  • Type in the login credentials you received via email (you must have a valid registration, to get access to the platform)
  • Click on ‘Sign in’

Click to explore the online venue!

  • At the Online Meeting platform, clicking on text and display screens will often take you to further information and features
  • All areas underlined or marked  in yellow are clickable items that will open new screens with information for you

From the Meeting lobby, you can:

Click on the ‘ESID Live Sessions’, ‘INGID & IPOPI Live Sessions’ in the lobby or the ones in the top menu bar

Please note that all on-demand sessions can be accessed starting the scheduled time specified in the scientific program. Sessions are also available on demand after the original session time.

To watch pre-recorded sessions: click on the ‘Scientific Programme’ screen in the lobby and select your session.

Industry sessions will be available from the scheduled time specified in the scientific program.

To view the sessions, click on the ‘Industry sessions’ label in the lobby and on the top menu bar.

Enter the ‘Networking Lounge’ from the lobby

Click on ‘Chat room’ and find the scientific chatrooms you want to join from the ‘Chatrooms’ list (alphabetically ordered)

Click on the ‘Poster Gallery’ sign in the lobby

Browse through the list of E-Posters or use the search function

Click on ‘Exhibition’ in the lobby or on the top menu bar

Scroll through the list of booths in the hall and click on the ones you want to visit

After you enter a specific booth you can learn more about the exhibitor, and view their videos or downloadable materials; View the files you are interested in, and add them to your conference bag. You can send them to your email later ; Subscribe for updates –  Scan your badge, so the exhibitor can send you news later on ; Chat with the booth representative